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POSITION: Residential Counselor
SUPERVISOR: Residential Supervisor

General Description:

Each counselor functions as support staff to the residents and home supervisor. The work shift assigned will determine the nature of responsibilities. In all cases, the counselor assists in self-help and daily living skills and services to fulfill the needs of the residents. In cooperation with guidelines from the home supervisor and core administrative staff, the counselor follows procedures, schedules, and activities necessary to maintain and enhance the well-being of our residents.


Lebanon/Crawfordsville, Indiana


Assistance, guidance and support in the normal daily activities to enhance individual skills. Areas include meals, laundry, cleaning, orderliness, personal hygiene, recreation, medical services, self-help skills, counseling, transportation, and socialization.
  • Must be present at all times assigned.
  • Must communicate extensively with home supervisor, other counselors and residential trainer...
  • Must be flexible and willing to work on "off-duty" time in case of staff or resident illness...
  • Must maintain compliance of home rules and state regulations to secure a safe, clean home...

  • Shift Assignment:

    Evening Counselor: Assist manager in planning and implementing current and future activities, assist with evening meal; coordinates evening activities; helps residents settle in at night; present at key activities as needed; perform all assignments delegated by home supervisor; complete record keeping as instructed by supervisor; and supervise and secure a safe environment.

    Morning Counselor: Assist residents at night as necessary; complete record keeping as instructed by supervisor; supervise all activities related to the preparation of breakfast; assist residents in skills needed in the morning routines, including dressing, cooking, serving, and clean up; assist residents with lunch preparation for workshop; communicate with supervisor and other staff on resident behavior, problems progress etc; communicate on dietary and house needs; perform all assignments delegated by home supervisor.

    Weekend Counselor: (8-4 shift) generally supervises and assist all weekend activities; meals recreation, visits, sleep times, house chores, shopping. Communicates closely with supervisor and other staff members.


  • Must be able to pass written and skill examinations for Medication Administration, CPR and Standard First Aid.
  • Must be mature and responsible.
  • Must have and maintain a current Drivers license.
  • Must have good common sense judgment, ability to cope in crisis situation, and must have good organization and communications.
  • Must have positive attitude, compassion for the residents, kind but firm supervisory skills.
  • Must be flexible, honest, and able to work well with peers.

  • Apply

    To apply for this position, please email a resume and a letter of interest to:, or