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POSITION: Residential Supervisor
SUPERVISOR: Executive Director

General Description:

As the key staff member in the residence, is responsible for the daily operation of the home, staff and residents. Primary areas of responsibility include monitoring activities of residents and support staff (staff), maintaining effective communication with entire staff, families, sheltered workshop staff and community.


Lebanon/Crawfordsville, Indiana


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

Recruitment of employees, on the job training, mentoring, performance appraisals, discipline employees, resolves problems and addresses complaints.
Maintain all necessary and accurate communications among all staff members.
Establish and maintain effective rapport with professionals and others within the community.
Assure that correct procedures are established and followed during all activities that are related to meal preparation, serving, cleaning, etc.
Obtain and maintain accurate inventory lists of all supplies necessary for the operation of the home.
Organize records for confidentiality and retrieval; these records will include personal, finance, health, incident reports, etc.
Oversees and assists in maintaining orderliness and cleanliness at all times in the home.
Coordinates and Advocates for leisure and recreational activities for the residents in conjunction with residents’ interests and limitations, their Individual Support Plans, and community resources.
Competency based education, documentation and communication, as necessary all incidents related to physical and mental well-being of residents.
Monitor all regulations related to safety, sanitation, behavior medication, etc.
Direct and assist in all steps necessary to see that adequate staff is present at all times, including supervision, scheduling, making substitutions when necessary, documenting as necessary, and following the policies and procedures. Coordinates recreation services with other services and provided to each resident in order to fully utilize the home’s resources and maximize benefits to the residents.
Sees that we provide, as part of a set of interdisciplinary services, social services to each resident directed toward
  • Maximizing his/her social functioning
  • Enhancing the coping capacity of his/her family
  • Asserting and safeguarding his/her human and civil rights and those of his/her family
  • Fostering his/her human dignity and personal worth.
  • Provides liaison among the resident, the home, the family and the community in order to:
  • Help the staff individualizes and understand the needs of each resident and his family.
  • Understand social factors in the resident’s day to day behavior.
  • And to prepare the resident for changes in his living situations.
  • Help the family develop constructive and personally meaningful ways to support the resident’s experience in the home through:
  • Counseling, concerning the problems of changes in the family structure.
  • Referral to specific services as appropriate.
  • Must have emergency preparedness and precautions available and communicated to all parties at all times.
    Must know and follow state regulations and guidelines.
    Will do additional assignments as directed by the Director and Ownership.


    Shall be qualified either by education, training, or experience to perform the duties assigned.
    Minimum of one year effective experience working with intellectually and developmentally disabled clients.
    Must be mature and responsible.
    Must have good common sense judgment, the ability to cope in crisis situations, and must have good organization and communication skills.
    Positive attitude, compassion for the resident’s kind but firm supervisory skills is essential
    Must be flexible, honest, and able to work well with peers.


    To apply for this position, please email a resume and a letter of interest to:, or